About Me


I’ve spent the last 18 years working with various technologies, including audio/visual and information technology.  I started my IT career with my computer teacher in high school building computers for our lab, then a few years later become the school’s IT Administrator and implemented their first Windows domain.  Since then, I’ve worked with a VAR that had a local retail store doing consumer and lots of small business networking, a large MSP working in their Managed Services department doing automation and monitoring, a community health center as their CIO and now with OpenDNS as a Sales Engineer working exclusively with MSPs. I also have my own consulting firm, Phelps Technology Consulting, that provides technical consulting and services to non-profits and small businesses around the country.

I’ve spent a lot of time working with nonprofits and small businesses, where I find a lot of fulfillment in helping them adopt technologies that make their lives easier.  Easy-to-use solutions are my preference, which is one reason I love my job at OpenDNS. I love technology that doesn’t get in the way.

This blog is an outlet for information that I feel would be useful to those who work (or volunteer) in IT.  I also love humor and sarcasm, so expect some of that as well.

I welcome comments and questions, unless you’re a spammer.