What’s in a name?

As you read in my last post, I’ve certainly moved out of nonprofit sector. In light of that, the naming convention of this blog is certainly not consistent with my role.  When I began this blog, the purpose was to provide opinions and (hopefully) useful technology information for those working in the nonprofit sector.  I definitely have a desire to see nonprofits succeed with technology and to use it to improve their work experience and their productivity. However, my primary role now will be working with for-profit companies (many of which support nonprofits), so I’m converting this blog to use my domain name, www.jpphelps.com.  The existing link will still work (nonprofitcio.wordpress.com) any will simply redirect to my domain name.

So expect some different types of posts, hopefully some of which will still be useful for my nonprofit friends and for the nonprofits that I still am involved in for their technology needs.  I hope to become more active and make this blog useful for all who follow it.

Have an idea for a post/discussion?   Leave it in the comments below and I’ll take a look!


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