A New Beginning

After a lapse in my attempts at writing/blogging on all things technical, and some opportunities to share my knowledge and experience with others, I felt it was time to write about things that not only are IT-related but that are helpful to nonprofit organizations who struggle with a lack of IT leadership.

Traditionally the nonprofit sector is lacking in leadership in technology, and it ultimately hurts the organization with increased costs or less-than-spectacular results.  I plan to share not only high level items, but also some tips for use in day-to-day IT infrastructure.

Not all of my posts will be nonprofit-specific, but I hope that those in the NFP sector can benefit from my experiences and challenges in a nonprofit world.


One thought on “A New Beginning

  1. Jason,
    I love your heart in this my man. I agree with you that there are lots of wastes of resources, time, functionality, and unnecessary compromises that happen in Non-profit IT.
    Maintaining I.T. infrastructures can be very complex and difficult especially when money is tight, so it makes it all the more important to have vision and direction for where you want to be and what is best for your organization so no resources and money are wasted and that it’s put to it’s VERY best use.

    Thanks for all you do, I look forward to learning from you. I know there’s so much I could gain from you!
    I love that you are a part of the body at BRCC

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