Phelps Technology Consulting

Phelps Technology Consulting provides technical consulting and services to non-profits and small businesses around the country. My experience includes Cisco Unified Communications (now under Collaboration) and networking, practical security implementation/consulting, Office365 implementations (including hybrid and cutover migrations),public DNS management and the usual Active Directory management and implementation. I also contribute to occasional informational briefs/white papers. I’ve spent a lot of time working with nonprofits and small businesses throughout my career, where I find a lot of fulfillment in helping them adopt technologies that make their lives easier.  Easy-to-use solutions are my preference; I love technology that doesn’t get in the way.

Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Jason Phelps, and I’m the president of Phelps Technology Consulting.  I started my IT career while I was in high school – in fact, I implemented their first Windows domain, including Exchange 2003.  Since then, I’ve built and supported many small business networks/domains, helped implement, audit and improve monitoring tools for a large MSP, then served as a CIO of a community health center and am now with OpenDNS as a Sales Engineer working exclusively with MSPs.

If you’re looking for consulting services for technical projects, technology implementations or security reviews/consulting – please contact me!  I’m happy to discuss your needs and find if our services would be a good fit for your organization.